You have an established blog and a great website. Now, you need to monetize your blog and site by getting traffic. Affiliate programs are very nice tactics to allow your blog to become a money maker.

Affiliate marketing is all about relationships between the advertiser, the publisher and the consumer. It is a performance-based marketing program where one business rewards an affiliate, or a direct marketer, for each customer brought into the company, a.ak.a. sent to the website. It is not referral marketing, but a financial motivation to drive sales. It is an online marketing channel with three main types of affiliate ads: pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale. All these marketing ads has one thing in common: they are performance based, meaning you don’t earn commissions until a user performs one of three actions.

Three distinct pieces make affiliate marketing successful: the advertiser, the publisher and the customer.

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The Advertiser

In an affiliate program, the advertiser is the website owner or the merchant who pays the affiliate for sending traffic to their site. Advertisers support affiliate marketing programs. The user visits can be high, and the outlays are relatively inexpensive. For example, in many cases an advertiser uses a “pay for performance” model which means that the advertiser does not experience marketing expenses unless there are favorable results.

As an example, a user visits an affiliate’s website. They look around, click on the advertiser’s link, land on the advertiser’s site, but leave without purchasing anything. The affiliate gets credit for the click, but no commission since there was no sale.

The Publisher

An affiliate marketing publisher is the website owner or business that earns commissions for submitting sales, traffic and leads to an advertiser. They place affiliate marketing advertisements such as links and banners on their websites, and use marketing tactics to entice users to click on these links and banners.

They create income by endorsing affiliate programs on blogs or websites and earn commissions for transforming traffic into referrals for advertisers. There are many affiliate programs available for publishers to promote on their websites. Any niche blogger can participate in affiliate marketing.

Being an effective publisher means using relevant links and banners from other companies on your site. Learn about the products or the company, check out what it is like before you post an advertiser’s link on your site. Use unique web pages to promote each separate affiliate product you are marketing. Do not lump links altogether; you might save money on web hosting, but your site will have a cluttered and confusing feel.

A great marketing tactic might be to include a product review on your site. Visitors will gain an understanding of what the advertiser’s product can do to enhance your products. Promote your products and website to get traffic coming to your landing pages. Once there, visitors will see your affiliate links, click on them and you have created another stream of income.

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The Consumer

By definition, a consumer is an individual who buys products and services. They purchase products generally for personal use and nor for resale. Consumers are the ones who make the decision whether or not to purchase an item. Visitors or consumers are highly influenced by marketing and advertisements. The consumer is the most important piece in the affiliate marketing campaign.

Affiliate marketing helps the consumer by providing more ways for people to discover products and services that are relevant to their needs. If a consumer visits a website to gain information on a particular topic, that website may have an affiliate link that encourages the consumer to visit different a site with more relevant information.

Another example is a visitor landing in a website to use the site’s service. This service may be in the form of a social network, marketing blog or a forum. Links will be offered on the sites to products associated with the services.

Affiliate marketing gives the consumer more ways to find relevant information. They can delve deeper into ideas and information and find more information and products to fit their needs.

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Affiliate marketing is a significant tool that brings in additional income without you having to create the product and invest the marketing time. Find a product that fits your niche, promote it on your site, and earn a piece of the profit from each sale you help make. You have earned a commission; the advertiser is happy because they have a new sale, and the customer is happy with the new product they found. Need, desire, and want are fulfilled.

Recommend products you know. Preferably these are products you have used before and are confident will fulfill a need for the consumer. Market a product using links and banners. Never directly tell a visitor to buy a particular product. Let consumer research and learn for themselves. Finally, keep the trinity of the advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer tightly woven together to create a marketing bond.

Keep these important rules in mind and you can make the advertiser, yourself (the publisher) and the consumer very happy.

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