The online gaming industry is thriving, as indicated by the latest statistics revealing that the gaming market has developed into a 13.8 billion USD industry between 2003 and 2015. More than 50 percent of the global population takes part in online gaming endeavors, so the industry shows no signs of declining anytime soon. This means it is an excellent and incredibly lucrative time to be an online gaming affiliate, where there are many rewards to reap. Like riding the tail of a shooting star, the affiliate marketer needs to draw a person’s attention to one or more of the many thriving virtual casinos to start bringing in a substantial income.

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Industry is Thriving Yearly

The online gaming market is a huge industry that includes virtual casino operators, software vendors, and players who sign up as members to play games at specific online platforms. In the last 12 years, the online gaming industry has grown as much as 23 percent on a yearly basis. The most dominant titles in the industry include the likes of Poker, Casino titles, and those allowing for real cash betting. The major growth of this industry is mainly driven by new-interested players, newer markets starting up because of regulatory changes, and Internet penetration.

Wide Audience Appeal

In Europe alone, 60 percent of men and 80 percent of women between 16 and 74 years of age use the Internet, and while online gaming appeals mostly to the male population, women and even those in older age groups are looking toward online gaming for a bit of entertainment. GP Bullhound conducted a study in 2009 revealing the prediction that 43 percent of online casino players would be female. Formerly, Bingo was the main choice for online gaming when it came to women, but now women are expanding their interests in to casino gaming as well.

Men and women both hold unique casino gaming interests and play practices. Men tend to appreciate short game sessions with high stakes, while women seemingly like the opposite: Longer games with lower stakes. Ultimately, there’s a decent balance in game interest versus risk. Online casinos have a steady audience of returning players, with some staying for brief periods, and others lingering for longer game time. One thing’s for certain – if you were to examine the existing Bingo market, you would find that women appreciate the relaxing and social gaming environment. To that end, today’s casinos allow players to socialize and chat with one another during game play, and thereby establish the social atmosphere many players crave.

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Most Prominent Gaming Markets

The game markets grossing the highest yields in 2009 to 2012 are the United Kingdom and Italy. Other markets that did well during the same period include Germany, Spain, Finland, and Denmark. The region gaining the least yield during the same three-year period is Norway, Portugal, and Russia. The market share associated with the different types of online gaming and casino platforms in 2009 differ. Wagering games held 39 percent, while Poker games were 18% of the market share. Casino games were 22% of the market share, and the remaining 14% went to skill games and Bingo. What the market shares demonstrate is plenty of gaming diversity lending to the extensive appeal of casinos online: With such appeal, an affiliate can benefit by a virtual casino’s marketing power.

High Profits Demonstrate Drawing Power

Even though regulations involving online casinos are constantly changing, players interested in casino games also remains a constant. In Europe, the interactive gaming market in 2013 was rated at about €26.1 billion. The compound annual growth rate is expected to remain at 1 percent until the year 2018. The growth in Internet gaming options around the globe comes from the widespread and ever growing popularity and use of mobile devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops. With more Internet connectivity solutions, the audience of online gaming is also going to continue to thrive and grow.

Affiliate Marketing Prove Advantageous

With the significant growth in the gaming industry and with no signs of stopping, affiliate marketers are finding a new and exceptional method for drawing in an additional income. Through affiliate marketing, you end up earning a commission for every successful referral you make to an online casino. The number of people you drive to a website is determined by how often people click on live links you supply them. A Pay Per Click (PPC) process allows the number of clicks on a link to be counted for tracking purposes. You can use texts and banners to place the links on your website, and the most common promotional work for the affiliate marketer is the writing of web content to draw interested traffic to the website established.


Affiliate marketing is a promising source of income and it is something that people can do in their spare time or in their fulltime. With a full understanding of how affiliate marketing works, and an understanding of the power of fresh content, today’s webmaster can soon be increasing website traffic all while promoting some exciting games to play.